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Useful Tips to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten


Time flies when you are a parent. One second you are watching them take their first steps then the next you are watching them walk across a stage to receive their degree. Through all these milestones, parents are there to layout the foundation for their children to grow. A pinnacle piece in that foundation is their early childhood education such as kindergarten. Kindergarten is an exciting time. It is also a big transition that requires parents and kids to be ready for. Check out these helpful tips on how you and your child can be ready for the kindergarten experience.

​Research! Research! Research!
​For any new parent, it can be easy to want to plan out every aspect of their child’s life until college. Breathe in and take a step back. Research is critical when planning out your child’s education. Generally, early childhood education is overlooked even when early schooling can impact your child for the rest of their lives. Some studies stated how if a child enters kindergarten behind then they will remain behind the rest of their education. Which is why researching and discovering what your child should be learning before kindergarten is important. 

Take early development classes
​Early education is not only teaching your child to hold a pencil or knowing their colors. The second they are born to kindergarten is a series of events including physical, emotional, and social development. It may be overwhelming figuring out how you can manage all these knowledge areas on your own. Luckily, you are not alone. As young as 3 years old to 1 year old, your child can be enrolled in infant classes where they can adapt to being away from home and build their social skills through enriching activities. When your child is between 1 and 4 years old, daycare classes can help identify your child’s strengths and learning style along with stimulating them cognitively, creatively and linguistically. After daycare, preschool follows. Preschool is the next step before kindergarten. In preschool, your child learns about being independent, become more empathetic, and improve their social skills.

Get involved
​Part of your child’s early development is the relationship they have with their parent. Be there every step of the way. Their education does not only take place at school or in their classes, but also at home. Incorporate reading time with them to help build their reading level. Explore their different interests and encourage their creativity. If your child is in an early development program, then the right schools will find a way for you to be up to date on your child’s routines and their progress. 

Enjoy every moment
​As stated before, time flies. Be proud of your child through every milestone in their early education, no matter how small. You are witnessing your little one grow into the person they are meant to be and you will not want to miss a single moment of it. These helpful tips are not just to help prepare your child for kindergarten, but to also prepare you when you watch your child take those steps into their classroom on their first day. As you wave goodbye, you can look back and know that you did a wonderful job readying them for kindergarten.