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4 things children learn in kindergarten

Kindergarten is an important educational period, where children ages 5 to 6-year-olds are learning to develop their social, math, literacy, and self-esteem skills. This stage provides a solid foundation for their success in preschools in coral gables as well as…

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Private Preschool

The importance of cooking classes for children

Introducing cooking classes in schools has many benefits for young children. This kind of activity is usually only found in a private preschool, as they go beyond just teaching regular academics. Cooking lessons can help children develop healthier habits, work…

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Preschool Program

FAQs For a Preschool Program Director

Running a preschool is no easy task, and many parents might wonder what their preschool program director is doing to help teach their children while also juggling the rest of the school. Below are some of the most commonly asked…

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